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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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regardless of common to come and work together with the billing challenges, were supposed to meet 15 minute lasted about 90 minutes discussing domestic policy, set up a transition team into the white house in january or go donald trump said the first tim he has met the president face-to-face and was humbled to be e- we discussed in a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficult.ff i look forward to dealing with in the future, including his counsel. to explain the difficulties, some of the great things that have been achieved.
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leaders in washington to work together with trump, said that if he succeeds then the nation succeeds,ah not only won seven of face-to-face, firstly michelle obama met with donald trump's .ife during the visitve it is important that they get along, they are on the scene team, just lastly, each was common the other names. it was an incredible show of respect, to put their differences aside to move forward.ut keep it here for continuing coverage of the election of donald trump as our 45th president. and updates at fox
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donald trump is not the only visitor to the white house today, the cavaliers also met with her president barack obama. they received a check digit welcome on the south lawn,, and wayne dawson was there for relevant. welcome to the white house, and welcome the world champion cavaliers. after a meeting with the president-elect donald trump he met with the cavaliers,s, the eighth time he has met with nba champions .com 400 family/friends officials came t
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autumn day , the president heaping praise on each individual team member colin lebron james one of the greates afterwards he had this to say. welcome to the world champion cavaliers i sent world champion and cleveland in the same sentence, that's what we're talking about when we talk abou hope and change. after the ceremony if his back to work for the cavaliers as they began their quest for a second championship. they play the wizards at a the verizon center tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., wayne dawson, fox 8
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police investigating several acts of vandalism directed at the home of a donald trump supporter, jack shea spoke wit the homeowner joins us. she says that they're trying to intimidate the family becaus of their political beliefs t bu it's not working. >> i always felt that this worl will never have to come to that because of my politics. >> 61-year-old joe green holes in your husband have lived in the slavic 38 years. they have shown support for donald trump iso plain signs in the yard, she says some of them were stolen and then quickly replaced. >> on election night, their hom was hit by paintballs, and on the day after someone threw a rock through a window, she says the vandalism is political intimidation.wis >> it's my right to do that
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what's going on there are rights because he became presidentnt should not be. she worries of whom will be targeted at her donald trump assumes the presidencyil she says the threat of additional reprisals is not measured in he political belief. >> that is my frdo just like the should not be able to do damage to my property.ey increasing police patrols in the neighborhood in checking nearby cameras , the family hopes that the vandals can be identified into pace for the damage toca a team learning an officer is getting brought into court for an accident in the patrol car caught on camera,
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joins us. ,> he got a ticket records show that he is fighting it, a traffic chart for running a red light on duty. wants the right side of your screen, in august,, a police car t-boned by a civilian car, but notice that the car came throug without emergency lights flashing and the lights for the police car was right. it was read for at least 40 seconds, is now given a ticket for running the court records show that he is pleading not guilty in next wee a trial. when you reach out to the other driver, his attorney said he is considering a civil lawsuit if convicted, cummings would face $150 fine but he's fighting the ticket, and coming up on fox 8 news at 5:00 p.m., could he had been going to a
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expect to see changes at northeast ohio's biggest touris attractions the rock hall of fame, with renovations to enhance visitor experience as that right is there with more. >> it has been 21 years since the rock hall first opened, some updates, to add energy to one o the top tourist attractions in the region and make people feel like they're entering a rock festival. museum officially unveiled a public art display with giant letters spelling out long live rock,ang in front of the museum. also see a revamped atrium, redesigned museum store with ne products, and more changes are comingng m. by summer, they pl open a new caf? featuring the
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attracting half a million people last year, he said that had ar $107 million economic impact. it is now 21 years old, it was time for a refresh to be said that were not just going t refresh we need to transform an be ready for the next 20 years and what better time when cleveland is risingye other renovations you can expect new ticketing system to make it easier to buy tickets online, a new sound and lighting system here on the plaza.. >> looking at the shot behind her, it is a climb on the letters at your own risk kind o thingim or two they said, g ahead, take photos much like t other signs we have seen around
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military mom from cleveland isr raising money to help veterans returning from walter crumono everyday 22 veterans take their own lives2 and many more struggle with ptsd, and other brain injuries. after harry stores of war in close calls,s, she founded me that all saints projectct to raise money for clinics that help veterans cope when returning fromt overseas work on it says that many say that the help received returning home has bee life-saving. to go through is terrific any of these clinics to help. ahead everyone from a private to a major said that if literally say their lives. intrepid fallen heroes fund works to help veterans who have returned home,lp from across th country.
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with a program, the documentary.nt that's a name and face to millions of. military coup figh for freedom' follows for heroic veterans it will be saturday 5:00 p.m.
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the countdown to goddard's
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>> keep watching all month as w celebrate the life and career o goddardlwe. i think we had a nether great day weather-wise. >> it was on this thursday, sun is shining and above normal temperatures. show you that shot. from thisis folger home in avon lake. , tomorrow veterans day, we will have some, folding temperatures and a few spotty raindrops. and we will have the full super
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city 1 degrees cuyahoga airport richmond heights.s. the winds will be strong again tomorrow.. their 60, and 63 chicago. minneapolis almost 70 and there are some 70s, kansas city 71. we are 10 degrees than yesterday. >> today, sunshine and a gorgeous day, a cold front will be in our direction reading thi over temperatures, there will b the coldest so far this season. tonight mostly clear and then
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but that front from the north,h, could spawn a few chilly raindrops. >> the air is drying out quickly.t there will be a slim chance early friday for the wind changes direction than saturday back to sunshine and called. this is 6:00 p.m. friday. the wind from the north, but no there could be one or two raindrops, and then by saturday morning, it comes in from the west and southwest. tonight mid- 40s, mostly cloudy. a waxing gibbous moon coupled
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mostly sunny and in the 40 saturday cut them back to the '50s and40 maybe 60 degrees next friday. and catholicism, the three parts of the holy trinity arere father, son and holy spirit. and also the cornerstone for a
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is time for this week's call school. >> we take you too trinity high school and garfield heights, roosevelt leftwich shows you that the students and staff tak to heart the values of caring and helping others. it is not keeping the things that you believe close to your heart, this week's coolschool, heights leaf is at the core of everything they do fromea the choir to practicing next month' christmas concert.. to an english class acting out a scene from macbeth.. doing things when the heart is the best way to use your head, g shakespeare's plays may timeless,sh written in a form o english usedwr long time ago,
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language is antiquated and they struggle with it but ifif you get them moving around and they see what's happening it helps them ee, i'm very ogueth lucky i have a lot of hams that'sh really good about giving up and doing that. >> it's about being part of the community, students, work together overwo the past few we to bring at truckload of food f those less fortunate, the thanksgiving food drive house families in need also life the lessons learned in theology. >> a lot of times at trinity yo hearr to spread love and it is important to be kind and others if they need help that we need to help them. >> also extending to working with other students, the manage the younger students to help theme understand what it means be part of the trinity family. from an upper the classroom, have someone to look
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someone who has gone through th same experienceses that can rel s. it mentoring also comes from outside of the school, as the seniors gethe a chance to shado professionals in their chosen field to spend one day a week t learn about occupations in thei chosen field. just to confirm that's what i wanted to do. >> they hold dear the values of the sisters of st. joseph of th third order of st. francis, that speak of kindness and to help the poor and those less fortunate, then i is that they hold dear and will carry them for the wrestler lies that is something to cheer about. >> that's this week's coolschool, and garfield heights, roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news. >> next week, to cardinal nation, it is shaw high school
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>> they are the alma mater of wayne dawson, show you why it i a cool place to learn next thursday. critics have said that donald trump ran a team based onn fear
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we get those wild swings, is the transition season , hopkins 59,
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you'll notice, when is very active between 15 and 20 mph there's lots of sunshine, watching a front, then what follows it is a colder ms. tonight starting out le clouds a predawn.ed there could be some raindrops tomorrow morning through the afternoon.e then with the cold front, we will have fallen temperatures. we have the heiner 50 in the morning. then into the 40s in the
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tonight mid- 40s high temperature tomorrow 40s. at this point.there could be a light snowflake. talk about the weekend forecast coming up. over the last 24 hours, many people who are upset over the results of the election. >> , students has turned her frustration into a 100 day plan to be positive, she says that with dave nethers. >> one day after the election,t demonstrators are in the street around the country to voice their frustrationontr over the outcome.ut >> , she supported hillary clinton and says that she was
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the paul said that she would be the next president, so i was confident that we worked in senior elected by tuesday night or wednesday at the latest. >> she studied donald trump's plan and said to come up with a plan of her own. >> i want to listen and learn a much in read from both sides of issues it educated. >> she says that the plan turn something positive. >> surround myself with people whomos will help keep me motiva. i don't think writing as a solution, people protest and can be a way to get your voice out and i support those who protest peacefully but i don't think that a ridese
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reservations over who will be the next president, that shares your plan asex an approach that she believes can help his opponents to create positive change from most important thing this is our nominee now and is going to be our president in january and no one should be rooting for him to fail, it is importantul to be vigilant and make sure that you are writing to your representatives and advocate for the cause is important to you. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. she is a public relations manager at kent state universit says that thisshp election may have inspired her to use her education in a political arenar after graduation. bernie sanders is blasting working americans voting for , in a radio interview he said it was an embarrassment that millions of working-class voters what a pack donald trump, now calling on al
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againstg corporate interest in politics, as i reached out to donald trump, says that if he i serious about improving the lives of working families that he will work with him or. demonstrators rallied in cities all over the country las night,, and most are angry, because he did without winning the popular mostly peacef cities like omaha and seattle they used pepper spray to break up the crowdsan some say the n restrictions on voting may have an effect on voter turnout tuesday, 14 state senator laros includingng voter id restrictio wisconsin, as many as 300,000 t not have a required photo i d. hillary clinton lost donald trump eye toy 7,000 votes, she is theye first democrat to lose wisconsin since walter mondale
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man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jerse in court to facei federal terro charges. ahmad khan rahami did not enter a plea that has pled guilty not guilty of charges relate to a shootout with police new jersey cultic us a plantain pipe bomb in to pressure cooker bob's new jersey , one of those exported the choosy named it injuring 30 they said they found several unexploded devices wanted to him.. >> domestic dispute in pittsburgh suburbs ends with two officers shot in one killed, they say the call came in just after 3:00 a.m. today for a domestic dispute. when they arrived they were ambushed. short while later police entere the home and foundndhe the gunm and woman who wasn six months pregnant, dead of gunshot wounds, they say that she had a restraining order against
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evacuate their home.e >> they can to adore, i had on my porch light. they told us to turn it off. and then to stay put and then five minutes later the essence to leaveee as soon as possible. >> about 4:00 o'clock this morning, i thought it was the garbage man they realized it wa not garbage day, so then i got up and heard someone's say something like my partner has been shot and then i knew that it was something serious . place are looking into the gunman's motive.. deliberations resumed in the murder trial of a cincinnati police officer, last night the jury of in the trial of officer ray tensing were sequestered at
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officer testified he feared for his life when heheu fatally sho sam dubose, and unarmed negro male, they say that he purposel killed him, but the jury could convict him of the lesser charg of voluntary manslaughter of voluntary manslaughter autopsy reports to stop show a 13-year-old columbus boy shot and killed by the police this year was struck three times on his left side, they say that he was shot ed sheeran who was investigating report of an arme robbery and had a bb gun that looked real, the coroner says h was hit and his chest had been out of one, the cause of death as gunshot wounds in the manner of death is homicide which is thee franklin county designation of a personra's shot, it will n go to the grand jury
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charges.o flour, eggs, sugar and yeast are the basic ingredients and doughnuts. >> but for a limited time, they're also be made with some ery special ingredients like
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at the end of world war i the armistice betweenf the allies in germany took effect on the 11th hour, lohan's day and lonesome lock. first call armistice day it was changed to veterans day after world war ii,a we prepared to
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go through mail training, shipboard firefighting, and we want the brigade flag. >> this is sent to us, by rob served in the u.s. army tenth mountain division from 1991-95, was taken during the battle of mogadishu, in 1993, it inspired the book and the movie black hawk down. veterans day is tomorrow, november 11, restaurants and other establishments across the country andd
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members of military, for complete listinga go to fox 8. >> many people will be outside tomorrow for the festivities an well the weather cooperates. >> not as good as the day but not that awful. we have some time to time just a lowly november day today. currently near 60 degrees hopkins the averages 53, got
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lots of sunshine today. to the north, the front had bee in our direction tomorrow. will bring us some clouds and some raindrops, alsob the colde air that we will have throughou tomorrow. the high temperature will be in the morning and then it will be gradually falling all day. and with the cloud cover be some rain showers from morning until here is a look at friday 8:00 a.m. there could be a few wet snowflakes in the snowbelt side not likely.
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are just a few days away from the super moon on monday. >> tomorrow in the 40s and a few spot showers. on saturday, it will be the coolest day with highs in the upper 40s. in their '50s on sunday-thursday. and maybe a 60 next friday. two weeks from today, though the thanksgiving. the grass is always greener on the other side. >> the indians hope that is tru
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looks a little different than it did during the world series two d the grass has been removed, it happens about every three or four years as maintenance, new will be installed to help them feel drained better when it rains, and if you wander about plantin grass november, the end and say don't worry.. >> it works we dig up the crib side spread out the dirt underneath work onea that house into drained better and then we replace the sod on top it takes hold and it will be good to go by opening day on april 11g. even if we have a harsh winter, they say it should not affect the field it will be rea by opening day. big night for the browns >> they will play the ravens in
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loan primetime game of the year as p.j. ziegler joins us. >> it is gameday number 1010 fo the browns and they are ten point.underdogs on the road versus ravens. they are more determined than ever not to go zero and 16 on the season. look like they would beat baltimore1 during the second week at first energy while waiting 2 to nothing. then the ravens scored 25 unanswered points. cody kessler, will start the browns, try to snap a 12 game losing streak dating back to last season rounds of never started a season zero and ten and if they lose tonight, that would be the first.
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ready, then the browns company and so determined not to go zer and 16 this could be the chance as ace upset by the ravens are a time for the afc north with the steelers, so they need to keep waitingh to keep their standing in the afc north saltwater steak tonight,fc the browns point.on thursday night, not many people are talking about it here in clevelandnd ab tonight's game. is said that keyword they have not been able to finish games,, they have had some lead against the jets, the ravens an finished t have not the deal. the need to close again , as has been their biggest issue this season. do can get to a good start but
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as others have but they have not.t. some people tell you that the key to life is simple to enjoy yourselflf a wisconsin woman wh is ahead of us. that 93-year-old is doing something that she has never mall of america in minnesota to celebrate her birthday she crossed nothing offer bucket list, she had a great time. i just can't tell you how wonderful it has been common. >> you can cross dissolve your bucket list? >> i kind of like to do it again.
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rode a harley davidson as of herer bucket lis venture. it is well-known that the old man is a turkey junking. >> you may want to turn in for one of these you could get a major awardfo
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jack frost does making those tribute to the christmas story, then you willu forget about wanting a red ryder model air rifle. >> they're made of several designs including , greg moore old team, and ralphie's peak nightmare that a suit, it is a partnership between jack frost donuts, christmas story house i nestle.r everybody loves the christmas story. jeff ross is such a staple in cleveland this is just a winnin combination.ap >> the story donuts are on sale through december 26, get an early because sell out every day.
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5 percent of sales donated to a chris torrey house foundationpe, jeff ross will so christmas story t-shirts on december 25 on pearl road. these are to die for. one person in our newsroom, just a one off the tray is nobody said a thing because that was our news director.r. the dr sanford sherman drawing on a man's arm and wher they're going to put it. >> the battle of the sexes, who has the better member christy
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it was a meeting almost five months in the making, but in actuality, they have been waiting for 50 years. >> the world champion cavaliers receiving high praise from
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>> wayne dawson code was there to witness it, he joins us now from dc. lots of excitement at the white house. >> it was an amazing day for the cavaliers and for this reporter a very busy day for the president, barack obama, events withba pr trump 490 minutes, and the west wing of the oval office. and then he met with the cavaliers. welcome to the white house and give it up for the world championee cleveland cavaliers. that's right, i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence.
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family/friends officials of the cavaliers alon with state and local leadersmi. >> at they the cavaliers are incredible, they had to stay healthy, if they do then they g to the finals again. >> a great day in the white house rose gardent to come as t cavaliers dress for success includingme jr smith, was weari a shirt today. the crowning moment to a championship season.hd >> i know that cleveland cannot be happier in prouder to have this trophy this was already a championship group of guysth even before las year, and you should be very proud of them,e give it up for the world champions one more time. just a great day here at the white house, the cavaliers wanted to come to the lighthouse,er while mr. obama was


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